Some days you really need your cuppa – whether you’re a tea or a coffee drinker, that comforting hot cuppa is often the chance for a breather, a little sit down and a moment of comfort. 

Those moments of comfort are what we at A Better Life For Foster Kids aim to provide with our Crisis Cases for children entering out of home care placements. By donating the cost of a Cuppa A Week, you can help us provide comfort and dignity to children who are removed from their homes for their own safety. 

Can you donate the cost of a cuppa or two a week to help us continue to provide Crisis Cases? Or you may want to donate a cuppa a week on behalf of each of your family members!

A Better Life For Foster Kids estimates 85% of children removed from their homes and placed into out of home care with foster or kinship carers arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. We are unique in providing Crisis Cases, which contain all the clothing and essential items required for the first week of care, where and when they are needed by carers, without administrative red tape. Crisis Cases allow carers to take care of the emotional and physical needs of the child when they arrive and adjust to their new placement.

Carers say our Crisis Cases reduce financial and emotional stress for both the carer and the child in the initial days of the out of home care placement. As many children in out of home care have not had belongings of their own before, Crisis Cases can have immediate emotional impact, helping to show children that others in their community give thought to their comfort and happiness and that they are worthwhile. These items are also frequently used by case workers during the traumatic moments of a removal to distract and soothe the child.

We also utilise the Crisis Cases to provide information to carers on the other advocacy and advice support services we provide.