Mental Health Online Resources

Below is a non-exhaustive list of providers of mental health care and resources to assist carers to find the information they need.

National Center for Childhood Grief:


The National Centre for Childhood Grief works to help bereaved children and teach them how to live with grief. They provide counselling (one on one and group) for children. Counselling for children aged 3-18 years is free and unlimited and can be delivered face to face at the centre (Sydney), over the phone or online.

Resources, including books, CDs and brochures are available for purchase on their website

Children of Parents with a Mental Illness:


The COPMI website features a page for kids and young people with a parent with a mental illness. It provides information, videos and advice from other young people to help kids and young people learn about different types of mental illness and their causes, to reduce stigma associated with mental illness, reduce worry about developing the same mental illness, and to cope with the mental illness of a parent. 

Beyond Blue:


Beyond Blue provides information on mental health and tips on taking care of yourself for young people. They have a support line people can call, as well as an online forum for young people to connect with others with similar experiences. 

They also have a number of informational resources on anxiety, depression, suicide, pregnancy and early parenthood, grief and loss, drugs and alcohol, and natural disasters and their impact on mental health.

Black Dog Institute:

Website:  & 

The Black Dog Institute does research into mental health, and provides evidence-based information on mental illnesses and general mental wellbeing. 

They list a number of digital tools and apps such as self-assessment tools to help in discussions with GPs, as well as support groups, stories of lived experience and other helpful links.

There is also a free self-guided online wellbeing and resilience program provided for young people aged 13-16 called BITE Back. 

Australian Psychological Society (APS):


This is a helpful website on which to search for a psychologist. 

 Kids Helpline


Kids Helpline provides a free, confidential 24/7 phone counselling service for young people aged 5-25. They also have age-specific online resources for children and young people, as well as parents and carers.  They feature stories by other young people, a quiz to help children get in touch with their feelings, 

They have a social platform supported by Kids Helpline counselors where children and young people can talk to others going through similar challenges called My Circle –

They have also created an app called ‘niggle’ which helps children and young people to track their wellbeing and get personlaised information on mental health, relationships, life issues etc. 

Tuning in to Kids:


Tuning in to Kids provides evidence-based training for parents and carers in ‘emotional coaching’. This runs as both a 10 module online program or an in person program delivered by trained facilitators. THe online program costs $99 to access for a year.

There are many other non-profit organisations who provide support and resources for specific disorders or mental illnesses.