Others Do Care

Our Others Do Care Fund is a discretionary fund that children in out of home care can request to support them to undertake an activity, lesson or experience that is meaningful and helpful to them in their lives.
Can you help by providing a donation of $25, $75, $150 or 200?

Why is this needed?

It’s not possible for all foster or kinship carers to financially support all activities, on top of the requirements of care and school. Victoria has the lowest level of foster carer payments in the nation, with payments falling short of the true costs by an estimated $70 per week (Foster Care Association of Victoria). We want to make sure that kids in care have just as much opportunity to dream, to learn, to compete in sports, and to express themselves as everyone else.

How has this fund helped?

We have purchased sporting items and musical instruments to replace a beloved belonging children have had to leave with a biological parent who would not let them take it (sadly, keeping beloved objects is an all too common aspect of emotional control and abuse).

We’ve funded music lessons for talented young kids, that helped them express themselves.

We’ve funded travel for kids excelling at their sports to allow them to compete internationally.


Your donation of any amount helps us to support children in out of home care to access opportunities that encourage them to grow their confidence, learn new skills and participate in their community. Best of all, your donation shows children who have often experienced neglect and abuse that others do care about them.

For around $200 we can support a child’s passion.

For direct transfer of funds, please find our bank details here.