Book a talk with Founder Heather Baird

You can book Heather to speak at your work event, group get together or school.

People are often surprised by what they learn about the out of home care system when they hear Heather speak for the first time.

Heather is passionate about raising awareness about the experiences of children in the out of home care system and how it takes all of us working collectively together to make sure children and young people in out of home care get better life outcomes. Her inspirational drive to create change for children in out of home care and for carers is informed by her own experiences growing up in orphanages and foster homes from the age of 2 and a half, as well as her time on placement with the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (then DHHS) in child protection, while she undertook a Diploma of Social Services.

Heather has been featured in numerous radio programs, podcasts, and news articles, and frequently gives talks on the issues faced by children in out of home care to groups around Victoria.

Please get in touch with Heather to book a talk by emailing

*Note we do not charge for talks, however we gratefully accept donations to the charity from those motivated to give by attending a talk.